Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Amended Class and Workshop Venues and Times

Here's the new class times and venues!

Tuesdays : 7:00 pm - Knife
Tuesdays: 8:00 pm - Dog Brothers Martial Arts
Wednesdays: 8:00 pm - Filipino Street Boxing
Thurdays: 7:00 pm - Dog Brothers Martial Arts

NGT Martial Arts, Runcorn
Alternate Fridays and Saturdays, 7:00 pm

Message for more details!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Classes and Workshop Times

Held at CETRA, Pimblett Road, Haydock WA11 0PZ

Tuesday 7 pm - Knife work
Tuesday 8 pm - Dog Brothers Martial Arts - Stick, double stick, staff, Kali Tudo (tm) and other weapons
Wednesday 8 pm - Panantukan & Kali Tudo (tm) - Filipino Boxing for the street and it's ritual hierarchical combat application (for the ring or cage!)
Thursday 7 pm - Dog Brothers Martial Arts - Stick, double stick, staff, Kali Tudo (tm) and other weapons

Also on Thursdays we have Ng Gar Tien Wing Chun Kung Fu with Sifu Jonny Fell.  An excellent art to cross train and improve your empty hand skills with.  Classes are at 8:30 pm.

We have a Dog Brothers Martial Arts workshop every other Saturday at NGT Martial Arts Academy, Public Hall Court, Public Hall Street, Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 1NG.  Contact me for the next date.  These start at 7:00 pm.

For all Combative Edge classes the cost is £5 per class.  I understand that this is horrendously cheap, but as I get the venue for horrendously cheap, I pass the savings on to my students.

Wing Chun classes are £7.

For the Dog Brothers Martial Arts workshops the cost is dependent on who turns up.  Basically it is my costs divided by who turns up.  So the more people that show up, the cheaper it is.  

The eagle eyed among you will notice that the value for money remains constant - the fewer people in the class, the more attention and personal tuition you get.  So if only two people show up, you basically pay for a two hour private session with me divided between the two of you.  If ten people show up, then the personal tuition level is a lot lower, as is the cost.

Private Tuition

I am available for private tuition.  I will hold these at my own home in my back garden, or I can come to you.

£20 per hour for one person, £15 per hour each for two or more people.  If I come to you travel costs are on top of this.  Contact me for more details, but currently I am available days and evenings when I'm not teaching class. 

Sulky Puss

I'm writing this in a massive sulk.

I'm talking lip out, throwing things around, big mardy sulk.

I had been planning for weeks, no, months to go up to Aberdeenshire to play with my friends and fellows in Dog Brothers Martial Arts.  Scotty Dog, a Dog Brother up in Banchory had gone to a lot of trouble to organise a fantastic weekend of martial arts and entertainment.  I was psyched to go.  Unfortunately circumstances meant that I couldn't go.

So I'm feeling like a complete heel, letting my friends down on top of missing out on some first class workshops and the chance to spar with some top Kali fighters.

But do you know what?  I'll get over it.  My friends will also get over it and forgive me for messing up.  Sure they'll call me some choice names with a laugh, but they'll forgive me.

Martial arts, particularly Filipino Martial Arts, and more specifically Dog Brothers Martial Arts is like that.

We mess up.  Sometimes things don't go right for us.  Sometimes it's our fault, sometimes it's beyond our control, sometimes it's someone else letting us down.

Often it's in practice.  We feel dumb, we sulk because there's one particular thing eluding us.  Maybe we keep getting clocked in sparring by the same technique.  Perhaps our complimentary hand still feels like we've slept on it whenever we work siniwali.  But we get through it.

Yes getting through stuff requires work and patience.  For me I picked up a knife, worked some karenza then proceeded to do some maintenance work on my pocket knife, i.e. sharpening it and grinding out some of the chips in the blade that heavy use and abuse had caused.  Then when that made me feel a little better, I booted up the PC and began to put my thoughts down here.

For those who feel things aren't going well in practice, those who are getting fed up that they feel they aren't making the progress that they feel they should be; well here's some advice.  Carry on.  We all mess up.  Things don't always go as planned.  Talk to your coach and keep practicing, particularly in your own time.

Often when people are just starting out they come to me almost conspiratorially and confess a massive sin; They've broken a light shade.  Or better yet, a light bulb.  Or perhaps their husband's favourite vase, practicing some of the solo work in their living room at home.  Let me tell you, nothing makes me prouder than to hear that someone has done that.  It means that the art is becoming part of them, that they are willing to put in the hours and hours of practice that it takes to become proficient in Kali, in fact at anything.

Of course I tell them to keep at it, that I'm proud of them for practicing at home, but perhaps they might be better off going outside to do it.

We've all been there, those of us who are group leaders, teachers, instructors, Guros.  Going through hard times, not being able to get to an event or training session because life gets in the way.  Having an injury that prevents us from training.  The key is, the thing that separates the wannabes, the I-used-to-do-thats and the instructors, coaches, group leaders and Guros is persistence.  Standing up, saying I'm sorry I couldn't do that, then getting right back in there and carrying on.

Monday, 18 April 2016


It's Been A While

Okay,  I've been absent from this blog for too long!

In the time that I have been absent, obviously a lot has happened.

In March 2015 I flew over to Bern in Switzerland to take part in the European Gathering of the Pack.

This was awesome!  Had a great time, and some great fights, making new friends and learning new lessons.  I must have done okay because the tribe accepted me as Dog Ste!

In February 2016 I brought Benjamin Rittiner over to St. Helens for a stick day and seminar.  Again, this was amazing!!  The stick day was a great day of sparring and workshops, with all the DBMA Northwest UK guys and Combative Edge Academy members giving a great showing of skill and heart.  The Sunday was an incredible seminar by Guro Benjamin, covering topics such as defensive footwork and attacking.

I was also fortunate enough to receive a promotion to Red Tags :-)

Most recently I went over to Hannover in Germany for the first European Gathering of 2016.  This time it was a two day affair where I got to fight with some excellent warriors and have a great time.  Again I must have done something right because I am now C-Hobbit Dog!!

As soon as I get some pictures through I will post them on here.  Until then here are the revised class times: -

Tuesdays: 7.00 pm - Knife
Tuesdays: 8:00 pm - Dog Brothers Martial Arts Weapons & More Training
Wednesdays: 7:00 pm - Kali Kids for ages 8 - 16, concentrating on empty hand but touching on weapons for those mature enough.
Wednesdays: 8:00 pm - Filipino Street Boxing - Empty hand training
Thursdays: 7:00 pm - Dog Brothers Martial Arts Weapons & More Training
Thursdays: 8:30 pm - Ng Gar Tien Wing Chun Kung Fu with instructor Jonny Fell.

Our workshops are continuing at NGT Runcorn, with the next one being this Saturday, 23rd April at 7:00 pm.

As always if you have any questions contact me at or use the widget on the site.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Once again a great night at NGT Runcorn this past weekend.  As always the focus is on Real Contact Stick Fighting in these classes, learning to fight in all ranges with a heavy stick.  This weekend's theme was up close and personal with the stick clinch and some grappling with a stick.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Stick Day!

Well, it had been a long time coming.  14th June 2014.  The St. Helens Stick Day.

The last DBMA UK Stick Day was back in July 2013, again in St. Helens.  Due to problems experienced by the other DBMA Group Leaders in the UK, there were no more stick days in 2013, so it was down to me to try and keep the ball in play. 

It was a warm summers day in Parr, St. Helens.  Thanks to contacts made a few years ago we had the use of Derbyshire Hill Family Centre, a fabulous sports hall that appears to have been made especially for us!

We started things off with a warm up, a good game of Stick Ball.  Introduced to me by the other Group Leaders, this game is great for skill development, fitness and of course fun.

After a quick drink of water we went straight into the workshops.  Unfortunately for those present, I was the only group leader there, so all attending had to put up with me for two workshops!

The first workshop was on empty hands, particularly the link between siniwali and empty hands.  Starting off with double stick we worked a few combos, before translating them to empty hands.

The second workshop was on staff.  We looked at what we classed as a staff and covered the basic Malayu, along with the uppercut diagonal combo.  We made the most of having the space that we very rarely are able to train in!

Then came the sparring.  Everybody got to have a blast with the training knife sparring, before progressing through action flex sparring on to the real thing - raw rattan sparring.

Everybody did exceptionally well, showing great courage and intelligence.  I took the opportunity to check everyone out and see the areas that we need to work, as well as the areas that had been absorbed already.  I was very impressed with everyone's progression, and most importantly I had a great time playing with everyone!

Afterwards it was back to mine for a barbeque and a couple of bevvys.  All in all a wonderful day in great company.  The DBMA UK clan grows!